No Song and Dance

So I could write this long mess about why I switched blogs, but it comes down to a couple of things.  Basically the concept of having an anonymous blog came off as stupid and pretentious for me.  For some it really works; some of whom are good friends.  For me, really, there’s no need.  It always felt fake and dumb.

Second, Squarespace costs money that I do not feel like paying every month.  Same goes for the domain.  I’ve spent this year reevaluating priorities, and while blogging and connecting is one of them, paying for it is not, heh.

That’s that, I suppose. Hooray. Now onto other things.

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One Response to No Song and Dance

  1. Ohmygoshi says:

    whew…for a minute there, i thought you were just trying to hide from me 😉

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