The work day is quickly winding to a close, and my phone is becoming blissfully more silent with every passing minute.


Busy season, as I mentioned, is starting to ramp up at work.  In addition, I have this little secret project that I’m working on in my spare time.  It’s exciting and fun.  I’ve talked about it with a couple of friends.  While I’m really enjoying myself, I sometimes find myself feeling a bit out of my depth.

Sometimes I think this is just turning into a wonderful thing, and other times I feel like I’m a fraud, heh.  Why should I ask people to do what I’m still learning to do myself?  Granted it was my idea, but I do feel a bit dumb at times.

In other news, there’s a food thief at work.  It kind of reminds me how we think we actually grow into adults, and there are always one or two people to remind us that some people never grow up.  In this case, this person (or persons) is relentless.  It has been going on for months!  It’s to the point where, if I bring anything in, it stays at my desk.  If it’s a frozen food item, it goes into the back of the freezer, completely buried.

For now I am going to prepare to head home.  I’ll cook dinner.  I’ll watch tv with Patrick.  I’ll cuddle with the pooches.  I’ll procrastinate on another project by volleying between feeling like a fraud and being on the precipice of something great with this project of mine.

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One Response to Whirlwind

  1. Rhian says:

    uhhhhmmm i am totally dying with suspense here right now and would LOVE to know what your secret project is! i am restraining myself from gchatting/texting you about it because i want to respect your privacy but !!! tell me please!

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