Rob Dougan Likes My Dress!

So, Twitter is definitely good for some things.  The other night, I tweeted about how I had to take an exam at home, and the only thing that was making it bearable was listening to Rob Dougan.  He’s most well known for his musical work from the Matrix.  (See here.)  Kind of new age-y classical/techno.  I’m not sure how to describe it, other than that his music is really lovely.  Whenever he puts out a piece of music, I know I will love it without ever listening to it.  Every single note.

Well, apparently Mr. Rob Dougan read my tweet because last night I got the surprise of my life:

I read that and I proceded to freak out.  Just a little bit.  Well, okay.  Honestly I freaked out a lot.  Some people have the Jonas Brothers.  Other have… who do the kids like nowadays?  Oh yea, Justin Timberlake.  How cool is that?  Thank you, Twitter!  Because of you, my future husband acknowledged my existence and said he liked my wedding dress!  Swoon.  Sigh.  C’est l’amour.

In other wedding news, we finalized our catering menu for the wedding!  I feel weird saying that.  I always hoped we could have one of those low key weddings, but it never turns out that way, does it?  Then again, this is so worth it.  Also, it’s nice to have something crossed off the list. The menu has been finalized.  The contract will be sent to my father and myself on November 1st.  My father has graciously consented to paying for the catering because the quotes I was receiving almost made me think that we weren’t going to have a wedding again.  Do you know how expensive weddings are?

I digress…

Our Wedding Menu

**Open beer & wine bar, plus soda and water (of course).
**Champagne toast.

**Wasabi creme salmon tartlets as a passing appetizer right at the beginning of the reception.

**Wild mushroom quiche diamonds.
**Swedish meatballs.
**Bruschetta canepes. (“Toasted French bread slices brushed with garlic olive oil and topped with your choice of pesto chevre cheese or fresh tomatoes and basil.”)
**Cheese and fruit display. (Dill havarti, a cheddar, brie, and blue cheeses.)
**Vegetarian antipasto. (“Marinated mushrooms, green and black olives, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, fresh mozzarella and roasted red peppers drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette and served with sliced bread.”)
**Vegetable Crudite. (“A colorful variety of seasonal vegetables served with both ranch and cucumber dill dips.”)

**Selection of cookies and bars:
“Our delicious assortment:

Cookies: chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, chocolate pecan, toffee
Dessert Bars: congo, peanut, lemon squares, raspberry, chocolate chip, pecan, cheesecake
Brownies: traditional, raspberry chocolate, peanut butter, marbled cheesecake”

The worst part of all this?  I didn’t get to eat lunch today.  In fact, I finalized the menu over the phone during my lunch break.  I about died.  I was so hungry afterward.  It was like she was a phone sex operator, and I was asking her to repeat very slowly what she was wearing and what types of cheeses would be served.

Oh!  So my last unrelated note:

I found this little gem outside on the sidewalk, in front of our building.  It’s surprising.  Our neighborhood is not the place you normally find furniture lying around.  Then I saw it.  I was about to walk into our building.  I love deconstructed items.  Other than the shelves which need to be cleaned, it’s gorgeous.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It’s a beautiful weathered shelved bureau.  It is now our new bar in our living room.  We’re going to stock the bar this upcoming week.

Now that we have our apartment in order, we need to have some guests over.  Any takers?

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4 Responses to Rob Dougan Likes My Dress!

  1. Rachel says:

    That menu looks scrumptious!! I’m not even hungry (okay that’s a lie) and I could seriously go for some antipasto right now. Also I dig the new bar. I’m so jealous that you have an eye for and can pull off that kind of furniture. I’m afraid if I started adopting stray furniture I would quickly get overwhelmed and my place would start to look like I was a hoarder.

  2. Sounds awesome. I love the blue of the shelf thing!

  3. Ohmygoshi says:

    being recognized on twitter by someone you admire? how exciting!!! i get really excited when certain “famous” people follow me back, but i think i’d just about die of joy if one of them actually tweeted me!

    the menu looks divine! and the blue shelf thing is gorgeous! xoxo

  4. lapeira says:

    Elizabeth, Just wanted to wish Patrick & You all the best! Weddings. Expensive. But after a while you forget about that. Worth it. Esp. if the menu is anything to go by! Got to start looking for a beautiful weathered shelved bureau now.
    Best to you both. Thanks! Rob.
    (BTW logged in on my wine account. So folks don’t click that unless your a wine geek!)

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