Quite a Gem!

Image from Main Page of ASRock.com

Every once in awhile a website comes along, and in the blink of an eye, it’s made your day.  No matter how bad your day was, all of it is soon forgot as you roll on the floor with laughter.  ASRock.com is one of those sites.

Tonight while researching a specific type of hard drive/blu-ray combo, Patrick found ASRock.com.  Those wacky foreigners.  I shouldn’t mock foreigners.  I know this.  Especially since when I first started taking French, I was a disaster.  On a trip to London and Paris I once asked someone if they knew where the nearest bank robbery was because I really had to go so badly!

But I will mock anyway.

Aside from the laughable photo, here is icing on this humor cupcake:

“The Share ASRock, Share Happiness Lucky Draw activity is now ended successfully. We are deeply grateful for your passionate participation on this lucky draw activity! The winners are deserved to have ASRock brand new NetTop – ION 330, S330 and MultiBook M15. In the future, ASRock will continue producing the great value products, so please pay attention to ASRock website for the latest news. Hope to see you soon in our next activity!”

…an excerpt from a contest they held on their site. Ah, man.  Gotta love the internet.

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One Response to Quite a Gem!

  1. Megan says:

    That reminds me of all the dialogue in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated — oh, non-native-English speakers and their hilarious phrasing! 🙂

    To be fair, I can’t speak any other language with any proficiency — but it’s still funny 🙂

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