Wonderful Weekend in Boston

This past weekend I was in Boston for Heidi‘s bachelorette party.  In short, it was absolutely incredible.  It was so lovely to be back in a city I had kind of broken up with due to bad memories with a renewed sense of self, but more importantly, it was so much fun to pal around with great friends and new faces.

Friday, I traveled by train up the East Coast to Boston.  I spent a good portion of the day sleeping.  I didn’t go to bed the night before because I had to catch a cab at 3:30am to catch my 5am train.  Heidi’s plan was delayed and canceled, but thankfully she was able to get into town, in spite of all the horrible weather.  She met up with Shayna and I at Sasso, this really amazing restaurant out by the Prudential.  Dinner was followed by a few drinks at the Cactus Club, but everyone was tired.

Awkward face, but whatever!

Saturday was a bit of a different story.  I’ll save you all a tedious recap, but it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  We spent the majority of the day walking around the city, shopping, goofing off, etc.  As a treat, Heidi took me for a pedicure, and seriously it’s one of the best gifts I’ve gotten in a long time.  I have been so stressed recently… the pampering combined with the massage chair was absolute heaven.  (Thank you!)  She also took us to this great bar called The Landing out by the Aquarium where I got us a Guppy Bowl (because two people are not allowed to be served a full Fish Bowl).  We sat outside at the bar, enjoying the perfect weather, feeling a little loopy, heh.

Finally we made our way back to the Prudential to meet up with Sarah to prepare for the evening’s festivities.

Everyone don’t forget to say congratulations!

The bachelorette party itself was a lot of fun. It started with dinner at the Cactus Club and ended with a few of us eating pizza in the limo on the way back to the hotel.  There were so many good memories from that night, but frankly… the end of it is rather fuzzy, heh.  Overall, though it was a great time.  One of my favorite moments has to be when we were driving on Memorial Drive on the Cambridge side, looking out at the Boston skyline.  It was just so beautiful.  It was such a special group of girls, and it was an amazing evening.

I remember at one point thinking, man, it’s sad that this group can’t get together more often.  I think that thought came out much more garbled and backwards after many Malibu and Diets; kind of like how the more drunk I become, the more  I act like we’ve been best friends since we were 2 years old, heh.  Or how when you’ve been drinking, you have the most amazing groundbreaking ideas ever! Until you wake up in the morning and realize that perhaps starting your own clothing line made entirely out of plastic Fanta bottles (“It’s fashion-forward and environmentally friendly!”) might not be the best course.

Thankfully it does not happen often, but when it does, I find myself shaking my head. As if I’m not socially awkward enough.

But yes, in summation, it was an amazing time.  It was just a really cool singular experience.  It was this weird combination of nostalgia and realizing that we’re growing up.

It was really really hard to leave on Sunday.  Exponentially harder than I had ever anticipated.  At one point in the evening, we were talking about why Boston was special to us.  For me… I had a lot of sadness in my life when I started attending Boston University.  A year later, when I moved out of my parent’s house into an apartment out on the E Line near Jamaica Plain, I had no idea how my life was going to turn out, or whether it was just going to be a big failure.

There were some failures. Big ones.  Failed relationship(s). Homelessness.  Other things.  I had completely unrealistic expectations when I moved there at 18 years old, but then again what 18 year old doesn’t?  I hit rock bottom in that city, and then I built myself up in that city.  I grew up there.  I had spent my whole life feeling somewhat alienated and confused by my own upbringing, and even though no one is able to choose my family, there I was able to create my own familial network.

Overall it was a perfect weekend.  There is some really big stuff in the works, but of course (even though I’m excited), I must keep my trap shut.  Who would have thought that Patrick’s idea that I poo-poo’d months ago as a “been there, done that!” proposition is something that now leaves me chomping at the bit?

Well, I guess it is rather typical of me.  I have a long history of saying “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” to things that a few months later I’m totally all about.  But yes, I must zip it.

I did come home to some bad news, though, but we’ll save that for another time.  I don’t want to spoil the recap of such a wonderful time with some amazing people.

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3 Responses to Wonderful Weekend in Boston

  1. Sounds like a great weekend!

  2. Miss Jenny says:

    Heh, I think it’s funny the way you say when you’re drunk you treat people like you’ve been best friends since you were two years old. Hee! You know what’s funny? I’m so sentimental that I sometimes do that anyway. ONLINE. NOT IN PERSON. In person, I’m shy at first. Extremely standoffish, if you will. But on this inside it’s all love love love love. Okay nevermind I’m not making any sense!

    I LOVE YOUR HAIR WITH YOUR GLASSES (I want to be a sexy brunette with black glasses (pout pout pout) )AND YOUR EYEBROWS and HEIDI LOOKS AMAZING!

    And I love cities like Boston!

    I think it’s kind of, nay, extremely cool that you’re not opening up about your big secret plans. It shows the kind of maturity and restraint that I wish I had about things. Plus, this way nobody can be an evil naysayer, ruining everything. You get all the power of decision to yourself! This is good! Plus I get to be supportive without having to know any details. I can say YOU CAN DO IT and WOO HOO without having to use my brain cells. I’m liking it!

    I’m sorry about your bad news, whatever it is.

    I remember when you hit “rock bottom” but seriously? Your resiliency shows you can make it anywhere. I knew you ‘d have a fabulous weekend in Boston with your girls!

    I miss you, a lot, and I don’t even know how to ask to hang out! I’ve only visited you three times and it’s been so long that I’m starting to feel awkward! Ack! It would be like meeting you for the first time all over again!

    • Miss Jenny says:

      (Not that meeting you for the first time all over again would be a bad thing … just that I’d be SO TOTALLY AND WEIRDLY STOKED hahah)

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