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America’s Next Top Model

There are two things that always occur on America’s Next Top Model every cycle, without fail: Someone says, “I’m not here to make friends!” This is, more often than not, the self-proclaimed bitch of the house, but they are the … Continue reading

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My Own Therapy

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve really delved into cooking at home. I cooked before, and a sure as heck baked before, but now I’m really getting into the whole process. It’s so satisfying. In a way, it’s become … Continue reading

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Recipe: Caprese Turkey Burgers

Soon I will have a beautiful DSLR in my hands, but until then, my recipes will have no accompanying pictures. So sad! Anyway, today I’m posting a recipe at the request of the lovely and beautiful Danielle!  I had so … Continue reading

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Random Notes

**Last night I made an amazing dinner, and I have to say that I am quite proud of myself. From scratch parmesan cheese and fresh basil turkey burgers, topped with sliced fresh whole milk mozzarella and tomatoes dredged in a … Continue reading

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Recipe: Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies

Yesterday marked the inauguration of my holiday baking season. While there was glorious sunshine coming through our windows, I decided to pretend that it was brisk and chilly outside because, frankly, I’m completely over summer. (See new blog header.) To … Continue reading

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Redskins Drinking Game

It’s a Redskins drinking game for all of us fans who stick around for the beatings.  Let’s face it; we’re the abused wife to the Redskins’ angry drunk factory worker of a husband.  Here’s how to make Sunday a little … Continue reading

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An Open Letter

Dearest Aaron Eckhart, Oh, darling keeper of the butt chin that I hold dear, I have a request. One small tiny eensy weensy request. STOP WITH THE ROMANTIC COMEDIES. Please. I’m begging you. While I will never give up an … Continue reading

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