Let’s Chat About the Weather…

I’ve been obsessively checking and re-checking the ten-day forecast.  Now that it’s officially September, Summer can feel free to get bent.  It is currently a nice 68 degrees, which is a welcome change of pace from the unrelenting DC humidity.

Although looking forward through the ten-day, next week will be back in the 80s for our high, but thankfully not breaking 85 degrees.  So while it’s not the fall weather I have been lustily chomping at the bit for, it is a sign of vast improvement. I can’t help but notice, however, that the weather in Boston this week and next is a bit cooler by about 7 degrees; it won’t even reach 80 there next week. One can dream!

Look at us.  It’s like a bad date, readers, and here I am, talking about the weather.

In an effort to make amends, I will provide you with some laughter:

You might wonder what you are looking at in the above photo; I would be happy to enlighten you.  In an effort to further saturate the market with unnecessary branded products, those zippy guys in Hollywood (and their marketing execs) have rolled out the Twilight makeup line.

“The goal for Twilight Beauty was to create two beautiful and striking lines that women could fall in love with, much in the same way they fell in love with the Twilight saga. The hope is that, beyond the lure of its edgy, sophisticated packaging, true makeup consumers will find they have discovered products they can’t live without.”

Would you like to look constantly disinterested and bored enough to attract a creepy stalkerish vampire who *~*~*~*SpArKlEs*~*~*~* people into submission?  Look no further!  Simply smear the cheap makeup all over your face, and you’re on your way to glamorized fan fiction paradise.

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One Response to Let’s Chat About the Weather…

  1. Anamarie says:

    Oy. Really? I knew my regular foundation that matched my skin tone wasn’t working! Why didn’t I think of looking like a vampire? *slaps forehead*

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