Two Notes

1. I am finally taking courses within one (of my two) majors: Political Science.  I am in heaven.  It is interesting to go back and re-read all of this history and such that I studied in high school and… actually care.

2. A couple of weeks ago, one of my lovely friends, Jessica, had a passion party for her bachelorette.  It was a lot of fun, but frankly I had forgotten the things I had ordered.

This morning I remembered, “Hey, I got a notice that I have a package… but the stuff I’m expecting wouldn’t be here yet! I’m curious!”

Well, I made the fatal error of deciding to pick up my package on the way to the bus stop.  At the top of the hill, with Patrick, I opened up my package to find… unmentionables.  Thank goodness the stop was not crowded as it normally was.  But still I had to discreetly (and quickly) dispose of the box, and get all of my new things into my purse.  I was still somewhat fumbling when the bus arrived.

Now I’m sitting here at the office, with a bag full of goodies, just waiting for me to do something stupid like accidentally dump my bag out, or grab a vibrator when I’m trying to reach for my brush.

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