Oh, Monday…

I don’t think I have ever been so happy to have brought work home with me on Friday.

Let me start at the beginning.

This morning I woke up like any normal work day… hitting the snooze button, starting at about 7am until about 7:30am.  Oh, who am I kidding?  7:45am.  I got up. I got ready for work. I brushed my teeth… and I couldn’t find my Smart Trip card. (For you non-DC folks, it’s a pre-loaded card that you use to ride the metro and buses in the District.) I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. My Smart Trip is my lifeline. I can’t go anywhere without it, because we live in an area in the District where you can’t just walk to places.  Well, I could, but it’d be very far with lots of hills and… you get the point. I live in a city, but in a part that sometimes feels like an isolated ‘burb.

The last time I saw this little card, I thought I saw Patrick take it out of my pants, before putting my pants in the laundry pile, but it is currently nowhere to be found, and I have been looking for about two hours now.  The change that Patrick graciously collected?  I’ve somehow misplaced that too, and I was able to accomplish that feat in under 15 minutes.

Brilliant, huh?

Sadly, the bus driver I tried to negotiate with a couple of hours ago did not see the gallows humor of my predicament and did not allow me on the bus.

So currently I am at home right now, because I am incapable of tracking down a tiny little plastic card. I literally had to write an email to my boss to that effect. I hope I get points for the ridiculousness of my quandary.  Who am I kidding?  It’s just embarrassing.  This little event is also on the heels of me having to take a personal day last week; between the stuff with my mother, a death in the family, and other fun turmoilistic things, I needed a personal day to get my life back together.  Recently I’ve been feeling like I’m the Eiffel Tower and I’m being held together by chewing gum and fishing wire.

More than likely it’s either “somewhere safe and where I wouldn’t forget it,” or it’s “somewhere out of the way” as we had people over last night for the Patriots v. Colts game, and we went on a cleaning spree. (The Pats lost… I should have seen it as a bad omen.)

It doesn’t help that I completely snapped at Patrick this morning in my frustration, which is only par for the course as of late. Well, I guess snapped is a somewhat mild understatement. It was somewhere between a petulant child stamping its feet in an impotent rage and a clipped self-righteous snide commentary on the State of My Life.

It’s like I’m a five year old with an expanded vocabulary, the emotional depth of a teaspoon, and the subtlety of a cannon.


So yes, I’m glad I brought work home with me today.

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One Response to Oh, Monday…

  1. Lexi says:

    I’ve been much like a five-year old lately too….

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