My Wedding Bouquet

In preparation for my wedding to Patrick, Anamarie, her friend Brandy and I went to the Enchanted Florist in Old Town Alexandria today to secure my wedding bouquet.

That is a rough mock-up of my wedding bouquet.  And yes, that’s an artichoke.  Some girls have peonies. I will have my bridal artichoke.

The women there were absolutely wonderful, and they were very excited to be doing something that brides generally don’t ask for–succulents and vegetables in their bouquet.  The colors will be more vibrant, as the artichoke wasn’t the freshest they had on hand, and the roses will actually be greener, as well.

I’m really thrilled by it.  It was the first day I felt like a bride doing fun bride things.  It’s strange that a little over three months from now, my artichoke and I will be marrying Patrick.

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10 Responses to My Wedding Bouquet

  1. curious about the artichoke…how did you select that for incorporating into your bouquet?

  2. Ohmygoshi says:

    i love it! i’ve never even HEARD of artichoke being used as the center of a bouquet, but i think it’s such a cool idea!

    • Thanks! I don’t know if the artichoke will be the exact dead center of the bouquet… it’ll be more off to the side a little bit. The picture is misleading because I wanted to take a shot that showed all of the cool elements of the bouquet, and not necessarily it’s exact setup.

  3. Beca Oliveira says:

    GODDAMN YES I love it!

  4. Carolyn says:

    LOVE it! I’ve never seen an artichoke used that way, it’s perfect. 🙂

    Is the password the same?

  5. kmattso2 says:

    Your artichoke is so cute!! I love it! It has so much texture.

  6. Meg says:

    Wow… I seriously love the artichoke idea. (And love to eat artichokes, but that’s neither here nor there!) Your bouquet will be stunning! Such a clever idea.

  7. Beth says:

    Absolutely loving the artichoke!

  8. Thanks for sharing the other succulent bouquet. Both are so interesting. I love the thought of them and the new, interesting ways (such as bouquets and food garnishes)they might be used.

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