Moving and Valentine’s Day

I’ve decided to take a break from packing for now.  Oh yea, did I mention we’re moving to Virginia?  If I didn’t, yes, we’re moving to Virginia.  Not out of the DC area, of course, especially since we both work in the District.  We will still be metro accessible.  I’m very excited, as we’ll be living in one of our favorite areas: Old Town Alexandria.

Actually this weekend we signed the lease for our new home–on Valentine’s Day, no less.  It was rather romantic.  Following a Valentine’s brunch at Jackson 20, the restaurant in the Hotel Monaco…

(Sorry, I just love the interior of the hotel.  I had to sneak a shot of it. I mean… look at it!  This is the hotel we’re staying at the night before the wedding and our wedding night.  Kind of excited.)

…we headed about two minutes around the corner and down the road to see our apartment, and made it all official!  As we were making our way around Old Town, we noticed something taped up on many storefronts and windows.

Someone posted hearts all over the place in honor of Valentine’s Day. Seriously for blocks and blocks along King Street, Washington Street and a few other side streets.  It was rather sweet! 

We finally arrived at our destination: the new apartment.  There was a welcoming committee waiting for us in the courtyard of our new place, as you can see.  Hehe!

Still trying to figure out what to do with that AWESOME built-in shelving alcove.  They’re too deep for books and DVDs, but there must be something really great we can do with it.  Do you guys have any good ideas?  Please advise!

Patrick and the woman who runs the property (she is so sweet) just keepin’ it real.

Overall, it was a great Valentine’s Day.   Just fantastic.  We ended the day with a trip to Trader Joe’s and then a big trip to Target, where we bought a few things for our new apartment; sheets, towels, shower curtain, bath mats, etc.  And tomorrow Patrick and I are going to head into Georgetown, so I can redeem my Valentine’s gift: a gift card to Sephora!  Very excited about that.

Anyway, I hope you guys had a lovely weekend as well.  And if you have any ideas for that alcove, let me know.

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2 Responses to Moving and Valentine’s Day

  1. Meg says:

    Your new place looks fantastic — so exciting! (‘Course, I love your current place, too, but I’m sure y’all will be really happy in Alexandria!) Those taped-up hearts are really cute, too. 🙂

  2. christine says:

    So you’re in old town now … YAY! You know this also means we MUST get together. It’s been way too long, lady! Shot me an email sometime. I think drinks are definitely in order.

    ps. Welcome back to the commonwealth!

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