“My Life As Liz” Makes This Liz Frown

I was planning on writing how much I hate the Washington DC Metro system this morning, but that’s just stating the obvious, and we all know how much the Metro sucks.  Instead I have decided to transfer my irrational crankiness at Liz.  No, not ME LIZ.  This Liz…

Before I explain the reasons for my anger displacement, I must admit something: I love trashy, stupid reality television shows.  When I found out that Tool Academy 3 was premiering on the Valentine’s Day night, I was BESIDE myself.  (It’s co-ed this season, guys! There are girl tools!)  I watch Real World and I never miss an episode of America’s Next Top Model.  I accept that most reality shows are scripted, and I am okay with that because I am a consumer and I loves me some drama.

Then there’s My Life As Liz.


I’ve never watched an episode, but Liz’s “bio” on the MTV page for the show says it all…

During her massive amount of free time, Liz often finds herself mixing up a fresh batch of mix CDs with the latest and greatest indie songs. When she’s not jamming out to tunes in her hand me down, not by choice, non-green, gas guzzling Blazer, she is often face planted in front of a classic comic book, or trying to invent new ways to insult the blond conformists who populate her high school. She has a pet snake and is a vegan, and has lost track of the number of colors she has dyed her hair. Liz is proud to be a nerd, and hopes one day to get out of “the suck”, ie: Burleson, TX.

You said it, Whitney.

More than likely, given the hypocrite that I am, I will end up watching this show at some point… secretly… shamefully, but for now I will judge harshly from my Throne of Scorn here on Superior Mountain.  For shame MTV Liz!  Don’t trip on your own hipster cliches on the way out the door!

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9 Responses to “My Life As Liz” Makes This Liz Frown

  1. Beth says:

    Don’t bother watching, it’s really not worth it. I found myself stuck in front of an episode last week while stuck at home.

    Also, yay for moving! Very excited for the 4 of you. You’ll be just down the block from one of my favorite bars and restaurants in OT.

  2. notsojenny says:

    interesting… yah, the show never interested me to begin with and that description makes me want to punch someone but what i was most curious about is – is it a “reality” show or a scripted teen drama? (i realize there’s a fine line between those : )

  3. Meg says:

    TV Liz sounds terrible! Oh, the hipsters. Ten minutes with that show and I’m sure I’d be tweeting angrily about it! Does that make me a toolish hipster, too? LOL!

  4. Vie says:

    That animated gif was absolutely hilarious.

    It was nice meeting you on Friday! Enjoy the cliches…maybe watch when you need some schadenfreude?

  5. Not the forum I would like to use, but forgot to get your email the other night, and I am so technologically challenged that I cannot figure out how to send you a message on the Twitter machine either.


    Had a blast meeting you the other night. We need to smoke a cigar together sometime soon, and I’d love to meet your betrothed sometime too.

    Drop me an email sometime so we can exchange digits.

    p.s. please delete this comment after reading as it isn’t even remotely on topic.

  6. LiLu says:

    *smallest voice ever*

    I kind of love this stupid show.

    But if you forgive me, we can TOTALLY have Tool Academy 3 parties together.

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