I Have Returned from My Cooking Vacation

Each stage of life or rite of passage that we go through has a corresponding question asked over and over again until our ears are bleeding.  When we’re in high school, it’s “Where are you applying to college?”  When we’re in college, it’s “What’s your major?”  When you’re happily minding your own business in a relationship, it’s “So, when are two getting married?”

Then there’s the whole baby thing, but I am not getting anywhere near that right now.

We grin and bear it while we answer those same questions over and over again.  I’m applying to the University of Guam’s satellite campus in Detriot.  I’m majoring in Squid Studies and International Gnome Relations.  We’ll get married when the Redskins win another super bowl.

Etc, etc, etc…

My least favorite question of late, however, is this unexpected gem:

“Now that you’re married, what are you going to DO with yourself with no wedding to plan?!”

Whenever I hear that, I feel like this:

And then I stab someone.

Yes, there are some brides where the wedding becomes a 24/7 endeavor the moment they become engaged. I even remember an episode of Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? where the bride decided to QUIT HER JOB to devote more time to wedding planning.  She then walked into a meeting with her wedding planner and handed him an itemized EIGHTY FIVE PAGE OUTLINE on her wedding.


Besides the stresses of the weeks leading up to the wedding that had to be smothered with copious amounts of alcohol and cheese, I was not one of those people.

The one thing that did fall by the wayside was cooking. Between the move and getting married, I was exhausted.  In my time of crisis, I turned to ramen, Stouffer’s spinach souffles, and eating out for comfort.

Seriously, my cooking blog needs to have the cobwebs dusted off of it, it’s so neglected.

I guess if I had to answer the question I hate most, it would be to get back in the kitchen.  The time has come for me to stop nuzzling the Celeste Pizza for One box, put it down, and back away slowly.

With that in mind, I am taking back my kitchen this weekend, and I have quite the line up of recipes… one of which is an alcoholic beverage, because I’m a floozy.

Gorgonzola mushrooms, a hummus potato salad, blackberry custard, a salmon dish, a broiled prosciutto sandwich, and a couple of other fun things are on the menu for the weekend.  If anyone wants to partake, just let me know!

The only thing is I will not be bringing back the Klutzy Kitchen as a separate blog.  The reality is that while I adore cooking, I don’t have the brain capacity to work full time, do school full time, booze full time, and try to maintain two separate blogs.  I can barely maintain this one!

Instead I’m going to be integrating it into this blog as its own feature.  My blog is going to be getting a face lift in a number of ways over the next couple of months, and that’s just one part of it. One tasty yummy part of it.  But yes, the Klutzy Kitchen will live on! It’s just going to be here now.

I’m so excited for all the stuff that we’re going to be eating this weekend.  So much so that I hate that it’s only Wednesday.

That’s right, I’m getting my ass back in the kitchen and making some pies.

* * * *

I realize that in my last post I promised a story in which my husband, Patrick, had a conversation with me while he was asleep, and he thought I was our dog, Horatio, the whole time.  I will get to that tomorrow.

No, Patrick, you’re not off the hook.

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4 Responses to I Have Returned from My Cooking Vacation

  1. Lexilooo says:

    I love Bert.

    I will stab the next person who asks when Steve and I are getting married.

    Usually it is my mother who asks.


  2. brook says:

    yeah, that baby question is a *joy*. i was amazed how quickly that began after the wedding. here is it seven years later and still no kids and you can imagine how the assault has increased. i’m just going to direct people to this bert shot the next time it comes up. thanks for that!

    and, yay for klutzy kitchen!

  3. Jen says:

    Yeah, I’m getting the wedding question now… it’s getting a little old… especially because it’s getting to the point where I’m asking the wedding question. Goo.

  4. Rachel says:

    You had me at gorgonzola mushrooms. YUMFEST.

    Also, I’m going back to grad school so I can avoid the “When are you going to meet a nice boy and settle down?” question.

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