My name is Liz and, as the title implies, I have two dogs, and I love wine.  In fact, I just killed a bottle of Chardonnay.  (Thank you, Trader Joe’s.)  Here are the two aforementioned dogs:

On your left you will find one Horatio Caine von Kibble, a Scottish Terrier.  He is a big fluffy monster who enjoys long walks on the beach, eating your food, and grumbling at dogs he sees on the television.  On your right, Clover La Fleur Murphy.  She is part Dachshund, part Italian Greyhound, and part raptor.  She spends her days cuddling, fending off Horatio’s advances, and skidding into walls.

As for the aforementioned wine… I really love wine in an almost unhealthy way.  And I don’t discriminate.  From reserve Merlots to $4 bottles of white table wine from Trader Joe’s, I am an equal opportunity wino.

Another major part of my life is my husband, Patrick.  On May 2, 2010, we tied the knot in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia after a two year engagement.  When he’s not fixing computers and managing networks in Washington DC, he is making me laugh endlessly.

Aside from dogs, wine, and Patrick, life is pretty full.  I also work in our nation’s capital for a leading publisher.  When I’m not working, I’m finishing up a double major in PR and Marketing about eight years after I started at Boston University.  (Better late than never?)  Basically I’m busy most of the time.

Life has always been very interesting.  In the past nine years, since I moved out on my own at 19 years old, I have lived in six different states, been homeless once, and held a vast array of jobs including working for a TV show and at a bail bonds office… all before the age of 25 years old.  To be hokey, however, I have to say that after all the experiences I’ve had, it’s nice to be back home in the DC area.

Now?  As I mentioned, I work and go to school.  We moved this past March to a new home in Virginia, right outside of DC.  This decision also definitively decided the long-standing debate Patrick and I have: Which is better? Virginia (where I’m from) or Maryland (where he’s from)?  In case you’re wondering how Virginia won, I have seven words for you: They sell beer at the Rite Aid.

So yes, this is my little corner on the web. Welcome. Make yourself comfortable.


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  1. barrell86 says:

    I showed your blog to my fiancee and she really liked it, it came up in my Tag Surf as I have to look up weddings and stuff nowadays haha, anyway, really we enjoy it so I’m putting it on the blogroll, keep up the good work and good luck for your wedding

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