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I Have Returned from My Cooking Vacation

Each stage of life or rite of passage that we go through has a corresponding question asked over and over again until our ears are bleeding.  When we’re in high school, it’s “Where are you applying to college?”  When we’re … Continue reading

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I Have a Kitchen Death Wish

So, tonight is going to be the night to end all nights in our kitchen.  I’m not making the turkey or the mashed potatoes, but I’m contributing substantially this year to the feast for about ELEVEN people at Patrick’s family’s … Continue reading

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My Own Therapy

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve really delved into cooking at home. I cooked before, and a sure as heck baked before, but now I’m really getting into the whole process. It’s so satisfying. In a way, it’s become … Continue reading

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Recipe: Caprese Turkey Burgers

Soon I will have a beautiful DSLR in my hands, but until then, my recipes will have no accompanying pictures. So sad! Anyway, today I’m posting a recipe at the request of the lovely and beautiful Danielle!  I had so … Continue reading

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Recipe: Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies

Yesterday marked the inauguration of my holiday baking season. While there was glorious sunshine coming through our windows, I decided to pretend that it was brisk and chilly outside because, frankly, I’m completely over summer. (See new blog header.) To … Continue reading

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