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I Have Returned from My Cooking Vacation

Each stage of life or rite of passage that we go through has a corresponding question asked over and over again until our ears are bleeding.  When we’re in high school, it’s “Where are you applying to college?”  When we’re … Continue reading

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Our Wedding: A Jumbled Retrospective

So I’m back.  We’re married.  We honeymooned.  I’ve debated whether or not I should recap the events here.  To be frank, as the wedding drew closer, I was starting to dry myself nuts with all of the wedding talk. Seriously, … Continue reading

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Ten Days

Our wedding rings. I’m forcing myself to write this entry because, considering how much is going on right now, I’m not sure when I’m going to get another chance to write before we get married… ..in TEN DAYS. I can’t … Continue reading

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Twenty Four Days

In about a week, Patrick and I will reach a milestone — we will have been engaged for two years.  When we got engaged, we always knew we would have a long engagement, but it ended up being a little … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday

I am going to take a break from scolding myself over burning my tongue due to excessive chewing of cinnamon gum (I have the kind of talent most only dream of!) in order to share how great Sunday was. After … Continue reading

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Wedding Overload

You know, it always amazes me how the amount I blog is inversely proportional to the amount of stuff I have going on in my life.  I have plenty of things I want to write about and share, but… …I … Continue reading

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Photo Round-Up

You know what has been so nice about 2010 thus far?  The fact that I received a replacement battery in the mail for my camera!  I don’t think I have been so happy in quite some time.  Seriously, it’s kept … Continue reading

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